Adam Feuerstein // Stock Market’s Smeagol

Adam Feuerstein, Senior Columnist for The Street. If you never heard of him consider yourself lucky, but for those of us who do just the thought of him brings an image of smeagol (at least for me) to mind every single time. Maybe it’s because of his gremlin like ways and how he pretends to befriend investors by warning them of dangers, yet if you’re on the receiving end of his hatchet jobs then it’s almost always too late.

His slogan “investigating the highly speculative world of biotech stocks, and helping biotech investors avoid losing money.” Is nothing but complete shit. There is a few theories as to how he gets his penny stock targets, from a higher source or maybe it’s his personal scam where he has a chatroom of rat holes that he alerts and returns him his cut. Whatever it is it usually works like this:

Steps To AF Scam

  1. Get a volatile penny stock to target
  2. Write a smash piece or Twitter rant bashing a stock
  3. Have rate holes take a short position
  4. Let it burn

Let’s Look At The Evidence // Recent Target $MNKD


Now Check Out The Time Stamp Of That Post


Now For The Markets Reaction…


Coincidence Or Stock Manipulation?

This is a no brainer of clear stock manipulation and it happens all the time. I am shocked that he continues to get away with it and without SEC investigation.

That does not mean investors have to continue to be victims to his crimes, we can stand up together and fight back against Adamn Feuerstein by creating awareness and working together to avoid traps like these.

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